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Happy Thanksgiving

I am so appreciative for the opportunity to teach and learn everyday with the students of WHS!  This is a photo I took in Maine during a Thanksgiving trip.  Take time to “count” your blessings 🙂maine

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

kayak IMG_1169Acadia, Maine

I hope this school year provides you with many opportunities to navigate successfully the new experiences that await you!

All classes need the following materials:  Binder and the willingness to learn and the belief that you can achieve!

End of year Announcements

Algebra Regents Review:  Tuesday June 14th, noon to 2pm in small cafeteria near Athletic Office.

Algebra 1 Regents:  Thursday morning, June 16th 7:45am

Course Syllabus for the graduating class of 2016

2015 Course syllabus for MAT 120


Seniors take their SUNY Orange Final Exam on either Tuesday, June 7th(Blue) or Wednesday June 8th (Gold).

Freshman take their 4th Quarterly Exam on Wednesday June 8th and their Algebra 1 Common Core Regents on Thursday, June 16th AM.

Study…Practice…Be Confident…Be Curious…Keep Learning 🙂

New Math Tools Page added!

calculator (2)New Math Tools page added so students can have online access to a graphing calculator, graph paper, and study resources.  Check it out, and let me know if there are more resources you would like added:


Geometry is Everywhere!


During the recent spring vacation, I went to the waterfront in Poughkeepsie and was amazed at the ice formations in the Hudson River.  Ice crystals form in fractal shapes, and fractals are found throughout nature.  The same fractal shapes that are seen in ice can also be found in the veins of your body, and the growth pattern of pineapples!  The Hudson River Walkway is in the background, and is a testament that the TRIANGLE is the strongest figure in Geomety.

Geometry and Greece

cropped-IMG_0047.jpgMy new title photo was taken on a trip I took to Greece.  The Greeks used Geometry to build incredible structures based on number patterns.  The Parthenon was designed to reflect the “Golden Ratio”  based on the Fibonacci Sequence.